Gunners in Normandy: The History of the Royal Artillery in North-west Europe, Part 1: January 1942 to August 1944 (2020)

This is the official account of the Royal Artillery’s activities in the Normandy campaign. It is key book for any serving members of the Regiment: the book mentions every Regiment that served, a Roll of Honour, a list of the dead by unit showing where their relatives are buried along with details of how to visit the gunners graves and memorials. It is based on interviews with veterans, papers and documents from the Firepower Archives, terrain studies, personal memoirs, war diaries and other official documents. It is as definitive an account as can be written three quarters of a century after the event. Serious students of the battle Normandy should find this essential reading, with comprehensive coverage of the role of the Royal Artillery, and much material not published anywhere else, including, orders of battle, the details of targets engaged by the guns and their effectiveness. It also includes a new interpretation of the battle.

The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism (2009)

Author of Chapter 9 Battlefield Tourism: Bringing organised Violence back to Life.

Over the last two decades, the concept of dark tourism has attracted growing academic interest and media attention. Nevertheless, perspectives on and understanding of dark tourism remain varied and theoretically fragile whilst, to date, no single book has attempted to draw together the conceptual themes and debates surrounding dark tourism, to explore it within wider disciplinary contexts and to establish a more informed relationship between the theory and practice of dark tourism. This book meets the undoubted need for such a volume by providing a contemporary and comprehensive analysis of dark tourism.

British Army First World War Battlefield Guide (2015)

As part of Operation REFLECT, the Army’s project to learn from the First World War, two Battlefield Guides were produced under the direction of Maj Gen Mungo Melvin, President Emeritus of the BCMH and assisted by many BCMH members writing the various chapters and particularly Barbara Taylor who drew the maps.

Frank Baldwin is the author of three chapters of this work, covering the 1914 battle of the Aisne, the battle of Verdun 1916 and the Nivelle Offensive of 1917./ This book is not on sale to the public, but electronic copies can be downloaded free of charge from the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR)  .